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Kids Seed Kits

The Little Pals Growing Pots of Fun are a great collection of seed kits to plant and watch grow.   Each pack contains a planter and tray, plant marker, seeds, soil cubes and growing guide.   Choose from Giant Sunflower, Tasty Tomato, Jack's Beanstalk and Sweetcorn.  

There's a fabulous selection of seed kits to choose from at Little Pals, from sunflowers to tomatoes, popcorn and pumpkins, so why not grow your own?

Kids seeds from Little Pals are supplied in a special pack containing a mini propagator, mini pot and plant marker.  At £3.95 each they are great value for money.   Growing from seed is great fun for kids so why not collect the set, or even have a sunflower growing competition.  

Kids Garden Seed Kits

There's never been a better time to get childrens gardening with the Little Pals range of growing kits.  Little Pals garden sets with seeds include a wildlife garden and butterfly garden.  These garden kits contain plant markers, wire wall basket in a bright colour, liner, soil tablets, kids seeds, which are a special mixture to attract insects and bugs.

Don't forget the Little Pals range of garden sets for planting seeds in the garden.  Childrens gardening has never been so much fun!