Childrens Bird Watching Kit with Binoculars, Bird Feeder and Spotter Book


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  • Childrens bird watching kit
  • With I-Spy Book of Birds
  • Binoculars
  • Build and Paint Your Own Birdhouse
  • Twitchers Carry Bag




Childrens Bird Watching Kit with lots of brilliant accessories.

Childrens Bird Watching Kit

With a pair of binoculars, a “build and paint your own” bird house and an I-Spy Book of Birds, you can explore the towns and countryside ticking off all the birds inside the book.   Great fun for an active day out and educational too.  Have a competition with your friends to see who can spot the most species.

Earn points by spotting different types of birds using the I-Spy book to help you identify them.  There are over 400 varieties in Britain, so wherever you are there should be plenty to spot, whether that’s in the hills, mountains and moorlands or by the river, the beach – or even at a city pond!   When you’ve managed to identify as many as possible you can send off for your official I-Spy certificate.

Build and Paint Your Own Bird House

And with a Build and Paint Your Own Bird House included you can encourage birds into your garden.  Leaf through the pages of the I-Spy book to identify the birds coming to your own Bird House.

All packed into a useful “Twitchers Carry Bag” to keep your bird watching kit together on trips out.

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