Fairy Sleepover Set with Overnight Bag, Vanity Bag, Fairy Hairbrush, Fairy Dust Pendant, Sticker Book


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  • Zippered overnight bag
  • Toiletries and essentials bag
  • Fun Stickers
  • Fairy Princess Sticker Book
  • Fairy Hairbrush
  • Fairy Dust in a Wish Jar
  • Finger Puppet




Children’s fairy sleepover set with lots of fun activities included.   A handy zippered overnight bag in pink canvas and a cute butterfly design mini bag inside for all your sleepover essentials.   Just add toothbrush and PJ’s!

Fairy Sleepover Set

The Fairy Sleepover Set includes a overnight bag which can be zippered closed.   It is big enough for pyjamas and slippers.   There is also a cute little toiletries bag inside for overnight essentials.  With lots of pockets in both bags there is room for everything you might need for a fun stopover at your best friends house.

The bag comes with a set of fairy princess stickers to decorate the bag.  It is also supplied with an activity sticker book with lots of fairy stickers and puzzles so there’s plenty to keep you busy on your sleepover.   We’ve even added a sparkly pink hairbrush adorned with a glamorous fairy.    Additionally there is a little fairy finger puppet to watch over your things.   And of course, we haven’t forgotten the glittery pink magic fairy dust in a fairy wish jar.  Even the fairy wish jar has a little fairy charm attached.

The Fairy Sleepover set is ideal to take to a friend’s house for sleepovers, and there’s lots of little fairy extras to play with.    Personalise the bag by using the stickers to make your own design and fill it full of your favourite things.  Just don’t forget your toothbrush!

Design of stickers may vary.  Suitable for ages 5+.   Zippered bag approx 24cm high and 23 cm across.  Mini (inner) bag approx 14cm high and 12cm wide and 17cm long.  Hairbrush 12cm.


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