Grow Your Own Sunflower


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  • Grow your own sunflowers
  • With bright yellow pot and water tray
  • Compost cubes and seeds included
  • Sowing and growing instructions
  • Cute butterfly plant marker

Grow Your Own Sunflower

Grow your own sunflower with this Growing Pot of Fun Sunflower Kit.     This cute garden set contains a bright yellow planter and matching water tray, giant sunflower seeds and compost cubes.   Sowing and growing instructions are also included.     Simply add water to the compost cubes, stir in some extra garden soil and plant the seeds – watch them grow!  Great for kids gardening

This is the traditional single stem giant sunflower that grows to at least six feet in height, but often much higher. Typically over a foot wide, the blooms are and packed with seeds which make a tasty snack for birds. Very easy for kids to grow. Great for school projects

Sunflowers make the garden look cheerful.   The sunflower is an annual plant.  The large yellow flowers have big centres where the seeds for the following year will ripen.  You can plant these seeds, but they are very much enjoyed by the birds.

Did you know that Sunflowers are heliotropic?   This means they like to keep their faces in the sun, and will follow the path of the sun across the sky.   How clever is that!

With Cute Butterfly Design Plant Marker

Mark out your sunflowers with the butterfly plant marker included in the kit.    Fun and educational, the Sunflower kit makes a great gift for kids of all ages.   Who can grow the biggest sunflower?

Also available in tomato, sweetcorn and Jack’s Beanstalk varieties.

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