Icing Squirters – Set of 5 – For Decorating Cupcakes and Biscuits


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  • 5 Icing Squirters
  • Each squirter has 3 interchangeable nozzles

Little Pals set of 5 purple coloured  icing “squirters” for fun and adventurous cake and biscuit decorating.  Let your imagination rip!

The squashy squeezable plastic icing squirters containers each come with three interchangeable metal icing nozzles.

There’s a nozzle for writing, one for making ribbon shapes and one for designing flowers.   The squirters are an ideal tool for young bakers as they are easy to squeeze and are more controllable than an icing bag.  Having a set of five means you can put a little icing into several and use different flavours and colours.

Buttercream a good icing to use for cupcakes.  It’s very simple to make, tastes delicious and is easy to pipe.   There are loads of recipes on the internet, but we use twice the icing sugar to butter, e.g. 50g butter and 100g icing sugar.  Simply sift the icing sugar first for a smoother finish, add to the softened butter and then add a little flavouring of choice (e.g. vanilla, lemon, chocolate).  You may need to add a little liquid such as a teaspoonful of milk for a pipeable consistency.

Cupcake cases are available in an elephant and jungle design.  The packs contain 20 cases and 20 toppers which make an excellent addition – you can find them here.

Happy Baking!


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