Stars and Planets Discovery Kit with Glow Planets and Space Projector Torch


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  • Childrens Stars and Planets Discovery Kit
  • With I-Spy Book “In The Night Sky”
  • Space Projector Torch with Interchangeable Caps
  • Glow in the Dark Planets and Stars
  • Constellation Sheet
  • Astronomer’s Carry Bag




Stars Planets Discovery Kit withe Glow Planets

Childrens Stars and Planets Discovery Kit packed with lots of interesting star gazing activities.    Stored in a useful carry bag to help keep everything tidy and together.    With useful pockets on the outside to hold a space projector torch.  The torch has interchangeable end caps and glow in the dark planets.  Also included is a constellation star set.    There’s even a scratch art space scene to create.

Be a Night Sky Spy

No more boring evenings with nothing to do! Grab the Stars and Planets Discovery Kit and explore the heavens for stars, planets and galaxies.  With a brilliant I-SPY book “In the Night Sky” to encourage you to look for almost everything you can spot in the sky.  Earn points for all the things you see,  from Venus, Jupiter and Mars  to the Plough and the Great Bear.   You get good views in the winter when it is dark, but there is lots to see at other times too.    With up to 200 things to spot around you, you can tick items off as you go.  There are points for each spot you make, including a New Moon and a Full Moon, eclipses and more.   When you have ticked them all off you can send for your official i-SPY certificate.

Don’t forget to ask an adult to take you star-watching because it’s best when it’s really quite dark, and remember to ask if you can borrow some binoculars too!

Glow Planets for your Bedroom Ceiling

Don’t worry if it’s too cloudy – we’ve included a set of planets and stars you can fix to you bedroom wall or ceiling. Shine a light on to them for a few minutes, turn off the light, and they will glow in the dark.

Happy planet watching!

Suitable for children aged 5 years and over.

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