Wacky Vegetables Growing Pots of Fun


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  • Grow your Wacky Vegetables
  • With Cosmic Carrots, Multicolour Corn, Spaghetti and Purple Peas
  • Includes four bright planting pots and water trays
  • Compost cubes and seeds included
  • Sowing and growing instructions
  • Four wooden plant markers

Wacky Vegetables – Four times the Fun!

Grow your own Wacky Vegetables with this exciting four pack of Growing Pots of Fun.  With Cosmic Coloured Carrots, Multicoloured Corn Cob, Spaghetti Plant and Perfectly Purple Peas

This cute garden set contains four planters and matching water trays in bright colours.  There’s red, pink, orange and blue pots and saucers, each with a cheeky wooden plant marker.  Included in the set are seed packs, compost cubes, and sowing and growing instructions.  Simply add water to the compost cubes, stir in some extra garden soil and plant the seeds – watch those wacky vegetables grow!

Cosmic Coloured Carrots

A cool combination of colour  sure to amaze at the dinner table.  Purple has smooth skin and coreless orange flesh which is very sweet and tasty. Yellow holds its bright sunny hue inside and out, is extra crunchy and juicy and has a wonderfully refreshing sweet flavour. White is very mild and especially delicious when young and Red has a crispy texture that is great when cooked.

Multicoloured Corn Cob

A traditional corn producing stunning ears of bright kernels. (red, blue, purple, yellow, gold, black and white), which are edible but not as sweet as modern yellow corn cobs. Can also be used dried as ornamental corn. The seeds can be started in pots or sown directly into the soil.

Spaghetti Plant

A real novelty fruiting squash, growing on small to medium sized trailing vines, which produce numerous pale yellow oblong fruits of 20-30cm.   Roast or boil the fruit whole for 20-30 minutes, remove the seeds, then fork out the spaghetti like flesh in long strands.

Perfectly Purple Peas

A groovy variety with attractive Purple flowers and dark purple pods. It is delicious if you pick it young as Mangetout. Or you can leave it to mature to shell the delicious green peas.

With Cute Plant Markers

Each of the Pots of Fun comes with a little wooden plant marker to mark out the vegetable patch.

A great gift for any time, educational and brilliant outdoor fun.

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